Official Outfit Time

  • Air Cavalry Training Every Monday Night at 8pm EST!

    Armor and Support Company Training Every Wednesday at 8pm EST followed by Mechanized Combined Arms Operations at 9pm EST!

    Infantry Company Training Every Friday at 7:45pm EST followed by Combined Arms Operations at 9pm EST!

    Blue Lions Outfit Operations Every Saturday and Sunday from 8pm EST to 10pm EST!


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No announcement yet.

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  • Requesting Access

    Hi all, I'm Playthiest, let me start by saying that the name is non-reflective of my beliefs or values I just like the name. I'm fairly new to Planetside but, I'm on the come up. I don't typically run vehicles, mainly because my vehicles suck, but I'm always ready to be a gunner and play support. I ran an OP with the outfit today and was impressed enough to join. What else can I say, I follow orders, I try my best, and I'm here to have fun and I think the Blue Lions can bring that. I can be active everyday so no worries there. Keeping it simple hope you guys like it.

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    We are always looking for members that like team work! Great to have you aboard the Blue Lions team Playthiest75!!
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