Official Outfit Time

  • Air Cavalry Training Every Monday Night at 8pm EST!

    Armor and Support Company Training Every Wednesday at 8pm EST followed by Mechanized Combined Arms Operations at 9pm EST!

    Infantry Company Training Every Friday at 7:45pm EST followed by Combined Arms Operations at 9pm EST!

    Blue Lions Outfit Operations Every Saturday and Sunday from 8pm EST to 10pm EST!


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Code of Conduct


Blue Lions Code of Conduct

  1. Purpose: What is the CoC and why do we need it?
  2. Maturity: Playing like a Lion, not a cub
  3. Team Killing (TK): Not the Pride Way
  4. Abusive Behavior: Dysfunction in the family
  5. Playing Fairly: Winning (or losing) with honor
  6. Disciplinary Action: What happens to code violators
  7. TeamSpeak: It is a privilege to speak to you
  8. Squad Leadership: Assignment, duties, and relinquishment
  9. Rank: Knowing whom to salute
  10. Complaints: Grievances with the outfit or it's officers


Our Code of Conduct has been developed over the past decade as a guideline for conduct within the outfit reflecting our values as a group of mature, serious, and teamwork oriented gamers. The Code of Conduct sets forth the basic rules and principles that govern our outfit. Although this code endeavors to be thorough, it could not possibly cover every possible situation, much less in a readable few pages. In addition to following the letter of the precepts enumerated in this document, members should use common sense in interpreting this CoC and conduct themselves according to the spirit of these rules.  

2. MATURITY: All Blue Lions must act mature... 16 years of age is a good place to start

The Blue Lions pride ourselves on providing a mature, team oriented gaming experience. We consider our members to be part of the family; a functional family shows respect for its members. Although most Blue Lions are adults, all Blue Lions, regardless of age, should understand that respect must be earned. Blue Lions are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful, mature manner at all times. While we have found that there are exceptions to every rule, the age of 16 acts as a good benchmark for maturity. Outfit Leadership reserves the right to make exceptions for those members who are under 16. Any member under the age of 16 who can demonstrate to the outfit leadership that they are capable of an appropriate level of mature conduct will remain as members in good standing. The children of adult outfit members may join the outfit so long as the parent accepts responsibility for their child's actions. If you disagree with anything within the Code of Conduct, this outfit may not be right for you. No hard feelings... Simply move to an outfit that does fit your style. Alternatively, take some time to experience the Blue Lions culture and, if you still disagree with anything in the Code of Conduct, post your suggestions on the forum. The choice is yours.  


Blue Lions strive to be an honorable outfit. Our reputation reflects how well we have lived up to that goal. Everything we do affects our reputation, but one of the quickest ways to ruin it is to Team Kill. The Blue Lions don't tolerate Team Killing [TK]! All complaints received by Blue Lion Officers will be investigated and the results will be turned over to the Outfit Leader. There are two basic types of TK in PlanetSide2... Accidental and Deliberate:
  1. Accidental: It is recognized by the outfit leadership that in the 'fog of war' there is a distinct danger that a Blue Lion will 'accidentally' TK a fellow Blue Lion or an NC player. It is the responsibility of the Blue Lion member who conducted the 'accidental' TK to notify the player that the killing was accidental. When the TK victim is a Blue Lion, you are required to apologize via the outfit’s TeamSpeak. For non-outfit members it is expected that you will apologize via 'in game tell' or 'proximity chat' ASAP.
  2. Deliberate: Fair warning! Deliberate [or premeditated] TK of any NC player, for any reason is unacceptable. There is absolutely no justifiable reason to place the Blue Lions sterling PlanetSide reputation, one that was painfully earned over the past decade by generations of honorable Blue Lions, at risk... for any one member!
  3. In Self Defense: The outfit recognizes that there is a minority of PS2 players who are unprincipled, especially those who TK deliberately. Some friendly fire TK's are to be expected in PS2. Rather than retaliating , please use your common sense, let the grief system discourage this kind of friendly fire. If you are the victim of an unwarranted intentional and repeated attack by an unprincipled NC player... you are also expected to reach out to your attacker via in game 'proximity chat' and hopefully negotiate an end to the incident. If that fails, you are expected to change your location on the battlefield, far enough away from your assailant that it could offer a constructive 'cool down' period for all involved.
  4. Additionally: Remember that you are wearing the Blue Lions name tag in game, everyone knows who we are and how to get in touch with the Lions leadership! You are 'required' to report any serious 'self defense' incident to an outfit officer. This is necessary to help protect your credibility as a honorable Blue Lion, in the event that you are accused by a fellow Blue Lion, or one of our 'allied NC outfit members'.


While we are not here to babysit anyone's children, we prefer a gaming environment that is comfortable for our members of all ages. The following are behaviors the Blue Lions find unacceptable. Note that this list is not intended to be exhaustive, and you may be informed that certain actions not on this list are still covered by the spirit of this policy (if common sense tells you that some action you’re considering may be offensive to some member of our community, don’t do it).
  • Vulgarity is not allowed: We understand verbal slips, particularly in the heat of the moment, but civil discourse is the norm among Blue Lions. Please keep your language clean, especially on TeamSpeak (TS), which is one of our recruiting tools used to attract and retain new members, and whose value is diminished if the verbal atmosphere is uncomfortable. These restrictions are not limited to some arbitrary list of banned words or phrases, but flow from a more general policy of respect for and courtesy towards others. Inappropriate language includes vulgar and obscene terms that offend others, as well as topics of conversation that can be expected to cause discomfort in other members.
  • Harassment and Flaming: Under no circumstances is any member permitted to verbally attack another in TeamSpeak, in-game outfit chat, tells... or via keyboard on our forum. Harassment includes, but is not limited to, vulgar insults, defamation of character, and racism. Be respectful of your fellow Blue Lions and other gamers. If you are having a discussion and a member states they are uncomfortable with the topic; respect their feelings and stop talking about it. Likewise if you find yourself uncomfortable with a topic, it is your responsibility to make that known. If you have a issue with another member and cannot solve it amicably, take up your issue with an officer ASAP; abuse is never an acceptable solution.
This abusive behavior rule will be strictly enforced, and may result in removal from the outfit. All complaints will be investigated for merit, and that merit will be acted upon if it is found. The Blue Lions have a long standing reputation as a respectful and respectable outfit, and we aim to keep it that way.  


In keeping with our honorable reputation, the Blue Lions do not hack, cheat, or exploit. We Blue Lions take our hard-earned reputation seriously. Therefore, in the event that a member is wrongly accused of cheating by a non-Blue Lion entity, we feel it is important to be able to support that member with our clean record as an outfit. It is recommended that you not run non-Daybreak approved software which may modify the Planetside 2 client in any way. If you do this, you may be indistinguishable to Daybreak Games from various hacks that work in the same manner. The result of this is that you may be banned from game play and lose your characters. The simplest guidance here is do not use third party programs which may alter Planetside 2 game files in such way that you may be identified by Daybreak Games as a potential hacker. If you are banned from PS2 you may also be banned from the Blue Lions.  


Blue Lions Membership and the benefits therein are privileges that may be suspended or rescinded by violating the CoC. While we prefer members to correct their own behavior and remain in good standing, those who violate the CoC may incur the following penalties:
  • Reprimand
  • Removal from TeamSpeak
  • Removal from outfit squads
  • Removal from website
  • Removal from outfit
Be forewarned that with respect to any violation of the Blue Lions Code of Conduct. The outfit’s leader will determine the breadth and scope of inquiries conducted into alleged CoC violations. After any such inquiries, the outfit’s leader will make the determination if a "Courts Martial" by Officers is warranted. Further, if a Courts Martial is convened, and that court delivers a guilty opinion for the outfit’s leader’s consideration, the outfit’s leader reserves the final right of judgment and punishment.  


TeamSpeak communication is the life's blood of our outfit, without which we could not survive. We are a "TeamSpeak Mandatory" outfit... No member is allowed to join a Blue Lions sponsored squad without being actively on the outfit's TeamSpeak. It is permissible for a member to mute their microphone, but they must be able to hear orders and stay current with their squad.Our outfit proprietary TeamSpeak server is not a rental, we own it and have it professionally maintained. The Blue Lions outfit does not levy dues on it's members... our first class TeamSpeak is provided for the member’s use free of charge. Please respect that your use of our TeamSpeak server is a privilege and not a right, and your presence on it free of charge, obligates you to respect our commonsense universal gaming standards for civility.TeamSpeak is provided to our members strictly for battlefield communications. TeamSpeak is intended to enhance squad/platoon communication and cohesion, and as such is NOT intended to be used for any other purpose without the express permission of an Officer. This consideration is especially important during scheduled outfit nights or similar events, where enhanced coordination and cooperation are the goals. You may not use a TS server other than the Blue Lions’, while in a Blue Lions squad, except with the express permission of the Outfit’s Leader. While TeamSpeak participation is mandatory... it’s use may be temporarily suspended or rescinded at any time for misbehavior. Fair warning, serious and/or repeated TeamSpeak abuse, may result in your removal from the outfit. Some common examples of TeamSpeak misuse have historically been...
  • Use of "Profanity"
  • Discussion of "Politics"
  • Discussion of "Religion"
  • Discussion of "Video Games" other than PlanetSide. Please appreciate that this is a sensitive issue for those Lions, who have labored long and hard for many many years towards the survival of our fine outfit. It's offensive to be subjected to talk on our Comms, that is nothing less than a recruitment pitch for PlanetSide's competitors, and a player drain for the Blue Lions.
  • "Avoid General Discussions" on a host of other real life topics... all of which are a waste of game time and distract our membership from concentrating on their battlefield goals. TeamSpeak is not your personal "Talk Show" or "Soap Box"... Always respect your teammates right to share air-time equitably.Recording of TeamSpeak communications is strictly prohibited without the express permission of the Outfits Leader.


Squad leaders (SL’s) must be able to transmit as well as receive on TeamSpeak. A SL/PL should be actively leading a squad/platoon. When the SL/PL must leave the game or go AFK for more than a FEW minutes, the SL/PL must provide a Blue Lion replacement. If no Lion is available to take command, the SL or PL must disband said squad and must move all active Blue Lions into the remaining squads.  


The Blue Lions employ a ranking system much like any military or paramilitary organization, with responsibilities and authority increasing with rank. Ranks within the Blue Lions represent an actual level of authority and responsibility… we follow the chain of command.   Ranks within the Blue Lions are as follows:

Membership Ranks


NEW RECRUIT (Non-Ranked) – Pending Registration

All new recruits are required to register at the forums, download the TeamSpeak client, log onto TS, and acquire TS channel permissions from an officer. All members are required to Read and Understand the Code of Conduct (this document) as explained during the forums registration process. It is advisable that you keep in touch with the officer who recruited you, as they can be a valuable mentor during your early days in the Blue Lions. The Blue Lions have determined that a period of three (3) days is a sufficient amount of time in which to complete the prerequisites for membership. If a recruit fails to satisfy the membership requirements within the allotted 3-day period, that recruit may be removed from the outfit.  


Congratulations on surviving boot camp! You are now an accepted member of the outfit. From this point on, you need to have a really bad day in order to be kicked. As a member of the Blue Lions you have specific rights and protections as outlined in this document.  


You have committed yourself to help recruit new members for the Outfit. The Recruiting Team provides a very important service to the outfit. Your duties are to invite new members, help new members get registered on the forums, assist new members with their TeamSpeak setup and generally mentor new members into our fine community. All specialist positions are a potential step up the ladder towards becoming a Commissioned Officer.  


You have committed yourself to help with the Operations team. General duties are to assist squad leaders, assist in Operations events and other duties as the head of the Operations Team may determine. All specialist positions are a potential step up the ladder towards becoming a Commissioned Officer.  

Non-Commissioned Officers



Now you've finally made it! The sergeant (SGT) ranks are the highest non-commissioned ranks that do not include a commitment of time and responsibility beyond what is asked of every member. You clearly have maintained an exemplary service record as a member and have put in a good deal of time with the Outfit. Sergeant is a probationary position that is considered a stepping-stone towards the commissioned officers ranks. Being selected for sergeant means you've spent sufficient time with the outfit to have demonstrated your maturity, dedication, and value to the outfit. The rank of sergeant acknowledges your hard work and your service to the outfit which has captured the positive attention of the outfit officer corp.  

Commissioned Officer Ranks

  A "Commissioned Officer" is a member of the Blue Lions outfit who holds a position of authority. All Commissioned Officers derive their authority directly from the outfit’s leader. And as such, hold a special commission from the outfit leader charging them with the duties and responsibilities of a specific office or position. Commissioned Officers may specialize in recruitment and or operations. Officers are expected to help [as necessary] with the running and planning of operations on outfit nights, and assisting with TeamSpeak and in game voice communications. Commissioned Officers will also assist with other specific areas of outfit business, or non--specific leadership support as determined by team leaders. An officer’s particular role is left to the discretion of the outfit leader and or the heads of the outfit’s departments.  


Captain (Capt) is the first commissioned rank and the first to have enhanced activity standards. Captains must have an exceptional record of activity, participation, leadership and dedication and are expected to attend officers All Call meetings. A Captain’s CoC enforcement duties extend no further than reporting violations up the chain of command. All Captains are commissioned by the Team Leaders of Recruiting and Operations. Captains serve at the pleasure and sole discretion of their team leaders and understand that they may be demoted at any time.  

MAJOR (MAJ) Leadership & Mentoring

Major is an interim rank between Captain and Colonel. Achieving the rank of Major demonstrates that you have put in substantial time, and you are continuing your exceptional record of activity, participation, leadership and dedication. A Major’s CoC enforcement duties extend no further than a Captains, Majors will report violations up the chain of command, and give CoC reminders to the members. Promotions to the rank of Major are decided by the Outfit Leaders Senior Executive Staff. However, like Captains, Majors also serve at the the pleasure and sole discretion of the Recruiting and Operations Team Leaders.  

LIEUTENANT COLONEL (LT COL) Basic Leadership & Code Enforcement

Colonels are the Day to Day leaders of the outfit and have been promoted to a higher office based on their specific set of skills. Colonels then apply their skills to better the outfit through administrative work and managing our lower ranks. Colonels are officers that have put in years of service and are counted as veteran officers with "skin in the game". The ranks of Colonel serve at the pleasure and discretion of the Outfit Leader's Executive Staff.  

COLONEL (COL) Advanced Leadership & Code Enforcement

Outstanding Loyalty and Trust has been demonstrated. While not yet considered as a part of the Outfit Leaders Executive Staff... Colonels still enjoy quite a bit of job security. Colonels are the last rank to be codified by the Outfit Leaders Senior Executive Staff.  

LIEUTENANT GENERAL (LT GEN) Lowest Ranking General

Lt General is a rank above COL that is granted to a Colonel who has demonstrated an outstanding service record. Lt General is the first rank grade to serve at the pleasure and sole discretion of the Outfits Leader.  

MAJOR GENERAL (MAJ GEN) Middle Ranking General

Highest ranking General outside of the Outfit Leaders 'Senior Executive Staff'  

GENERAL (GEN) Highest Outfit Rank, Outfit Leader's Executive Staff

All Generals are appointed by and serve at the sole discretion of the Outfits Leader. The Outfits Leader reserves the right to promote or demote any ranking General as necessary for the good of the outfit. Generals have typically served as Officers for many years and aside from the honorary nature of being a General, their obligations differ in that those obligations are largely outside the game and serving as advisers to the Outfits Leader. Generals are the most trusted members of the outfit... and act as Outfit Leader in his absence. Generals have emergency kick powers in the event that a player must be kicked in the interests of the outfit. Generals are potential outfit leaders and may, one day, be called upon to fill the Outfit Leaders post.  

OUTFIT LEADER (OL) Supreme Outfit Commander

The Outfit Leader is the highest rank in the Blue Lions. For all intents and purposes, the OL has the final word on any piece of outfit business. The OL is responsible for the guidance of the outfit through the tone and tenor of the CoC [and reserves the right to to modify the CoC at any time]. The outfit leader is responsible for maintaining good order within the outfit through the outfit Officer Corp. The primary responsibility of the outfit leader is administration of the outfit's needs through the good management of the officers corp. An outfit leader may well work harder out of game than in it. The OL has made a commitment to do everything possible to promote excellence in and of the outfit, and to maintain a fun, functional, mature gaming environment, which is rewarding for all members, regardless of rank. The Blue Lions Outfit is comprised of all of its members. The Outfit Leader is the glue that binds the outfit together.  


While the Blue Lions try hard to create an environment that meets the needs of its members, however there are times when the outfit as a whole or individually, or a certain officer may upset a member... Any member who has an issue with, or concern about the outfit that places them in an uncomfortable position, are encouraged to please voice their concerns to the leadership ASAP… albeit privately. The Blue Lions have an ‘Open Door’ and a ‘Confidentiality’ policy. No member who brings a concern regarding any officer or any outfit policy will face retribution for that concern provided it is made in a respectful, confidential fashion. Every concern will be evaluated and/or investigated by the outfit leadership. Members with concerns about specific officers… Said member are requested to address their concerns directly to a General… confidentially. Officers with concerns about a fellow officer need to contact the outfit leader directly, preferably before the drama starts. Last Revision: 01/07/2016