Official Outfit Time

  • Air Cavalry Training Every Monday Night at 8pm EST!

    Armor and Support Company Training Every Wednesday at 8pm EST followed by Mechanized Combined Arms Operations at 9pm EST!

    Infantry Company Training Every Friday at 7:45pm EST followed by Combined Arms Operations at 9pm EST!

    Blue Lions Outfit Operations Every Saturday and Sunday from 8pm EST to 10pm EST!


No announcement yet.

Our History


A brief history and introduction of the NC Blue Lions:


It all began at Planetside1’s 2003 launch!

The Blue Lions were originally formed on the second day of PlanetSide beta testing… May 21, 2003… Our outfits founder “Mike Massino”, a young US gamer who played under his real life name. Mike, assisted by his real life friend “Metoria” set up the PS1 Blue Lions outfit during the afternoon of May 21 2003, right after school.  

PS1 Beta 2003

Under Mike’s leadership during beta, the Blue Lions quickly attracted a strong following and become one of the "Emerald" servers premier NC beta outfits. Just after the end of beta testing... Mike handed over his leadership to a talented woman who played from Canada, named “Jezebel”. Jezebel was a hardened veteran of many  MMO FPS organizations of the time, as well as her husband “Spender”. Spender acted as Jezebel’s second in command, and they both competently managed the Blue Lions until the spring of 2004. In 2004 Jezebel promoted another Canadian named “Kaya”, to replace her as outfit leader. Kaya managed the outfit for only a short time. In the fall of 2004, Kaya surrendered the outfit lead to an active and skilled US player named “Gride”. Gride soon after taking over the outfits helm, appointed another active outfit member named “DasAlteSoldat” [who was soon to become the fifth and current outfits leader] as his second in command. At that time the Blue Lions outfit were just shy of their ‘first’ one million PS1 outfit points [out of a possible ten million]. Between the fall of 2004 and December of 2006, our loyal members fought hard and earned the outfit well over five million gross outfit points. That ranked our outfit on "PlanetSide Universe" stats as the 28th top ranking outfit for 2006… for all time, all empires, and for all servers. No small feat in 2006, as there were literally hundreds upon hundreds of outfits in PlanetSide1. In January 2007, Gride relinquished the outfit leaders role to his then 'second in command'… “DasAlteSoldat”. DasAlteSoldat…” Das” as he is affectionately known to the membership is currently the Lions Outfit Leader. It was during 2007/2008 that Das promoted two very effective 'old school' gamers… “DragonPrey” and “StarFire” to assist him with the 'daily management' and 'command' of the outfit. These two loyal and very effective Officers are still filling that role to this day! By early 2011, the Blue Lions had finally joined PlanetSide1’s “10 Million Outfit Point Club” (the maximum number of outfit points allowed at that time). We were the ‘first’ outfit on Emerald to ever attain 10 Million Points... further, the Lions were the second outfit ever to attain that goal in PlanetSide1. That's from 'all outfits', 'all servers' and 'all empires'! During the waning  days of PS1, the games remaining servers were all morphed in to one final game server named "Gemini". On this final server, we were the undisputed dominant 'NC' outfit, the Lions often fielded more members at any one time then the VS and TR empires combined!  As the Blue Lions ushered out their beloved legacy game, they had quite literally finished at the top of the game!  

Planetside 2 Era

The Blue Lions only play one game, "PlanetSide". Our outfit has served PlanetSide’s faithful each and every day for well over a decade… we never missed a single day! We never went inactive as the majority of PlanetSide1’s outfits did during the last years of PlanetSide1. The Blue Lions are well on the way towards continuing that tradition in PlanetSide2. Our second time around, with this the game's latest launch... PlanetSide2… the Blue Lions did hit the ground running as an already established and disciplined organization. As members of the New Conglomerate faction, we take the motto “Freedom Through Firepower” to heart. We pride ourselves for maintaining a 'mature', 'clean' gaming environment that allows our members the freedom to comfortably play to their strengths, while providing training and opportunities for those who desire a pro level of game play. Our Combined Arms approach to tactics involves the use  of four companies: 'Air Cavalry', 'Armor Company', 'Infantry Company', and 'Support Company'. Company membership is optional, players are always free to “solo” or run their own squads. We find that most members choose to join one or more companies, as organized play is the focus of PS2. We continue to capitalize on our well established reputation as being a strong, time tested organization with adult values. We do enjoy alliances with some of the finest New Conglomerate outfits. Our steady success as a community of serious gamers, is due in no small part to the solid management model that was put in place so many years ago... For as long as there is a PlanetSide, there will be Blue Lions playing it! There is no end in sight for the Blue Lions… the future is ours… we are PlanetSide!