Official Outfit Time

  • Air Cavalry Training Every Monday Night at 8pm EST!

    Armor and Support Company Training Every Wednesday at 8pm EST followed by Mechanized Combined Arms Operations at 9pm EST!

    Infantry Company Training Every Friday at 7:45pm EST followed by Combined Arms Operations at 9pm EST!

    Blue Lions Outfit Operations Every Saturday and Sunday from 8pm EST to 10pm EST!


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No announcement yet.

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  • Requesting access

    Requesting access (IGN: PhantomTrain)

    Apologies for the lackluster in-game application, but what I wanted to say wouldn't fit inside Planetside 2's outfit application, so instead I wrote it out in a Google Doc (work was very slow last night):

    EDIT: I have decided to apply to a different outfit and have since rescinded my Blue Lions application. Thank you for your consideration!
    Last edited by PhantomTrain; 07-25-2022, 11:01 PM. Reason: Rescinded application
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    Phantom Train,
    Thank you for your consideration joining the Blue Lions. You are always welcomed to re join if interested. Your resume was very interesting and would fit in your Wednesday and Sunday game play. I appreciate your time.
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