Liberator Training (Special Training Event) Wednesday August 28th 8 PM EST– Ever felt like the ground battle could use some help from above but you only had three guys in the squad?  Libs are the perfect solution!  Join Armor Company with elements of Air Cav as we train on Liberators uses and tactics.  Training will be led by Col. Travin and Sgts. Bighotdogg and Marowing.
Sunderer Training (Special Training Event) Toby’s Train of Terror Wednesday September 25 8 PM EST.  Join Support and Armor Company as we drill on an almost devastating battlefield element, the Sunderer Train.  Major TobiathenE will lead us through preferred Sunderer set up, tactics and life fire drills during training.  This will be followed by a Sunday night Operations Event – The SUNDERER MAFIA!  This is simply an offer you cannot refuse!
SUNDERER MAFIA EVENT Sunday September 29th 8 PM EST. Hosted by Major TobiathenE! He intends to declare all out war on rival families the Terrans and Vanu, by the end of the night, they will sleep with the fishes!
Armor Training on Wednesdays, Infantry Training on Fridays both at 8pm EST followed by 2 hours of intense Op’s from 9pm to 11pm EST.

RECRUITMENT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ALL HOURS OF GAME PLAY! — PM GDawg71 or post on the forums for details of how you can help the recruitment effort!

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