Join us on Sunday January 12th 2020 for the 6th annual KtOL event where the whole outfit hunts down our Outfit Leader  DasAlteSoldat . Stay tuned for more Info to come in the near future.
Wednesday December 25th 8:00 PM EST– Lightning Training – Santa’s gone, so is the egg nog, everyone will be asleep lets work out our lightning skills.  Fast, agile and devastating, lightnings used properly in a wolf pack formation can change battlefield momentum.  Please job the BL Armor Company as we go through lightning builds, tactics and techniques, including live fire training.
Armor Training on Wednesdays, Infantry Training on Fridays both at 8pm EST followed by 2 hours of intense Op’s from 9pm to 11pm EST.

RECRUITMENT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ALL HOURS OF GAME PLAY! — PM GDawg71 or post on the forums for details of how you can help the recruitment effort!

Official Outfit Time

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