Attention Blue Lions! Your Operations Team has come up with the 2020 1st Quarter of Specialized Training and Events to better your game playing experience pleasure and Teamwork! Please read up on the following training and Events coming up next up coming year! Hope to see you there! 
February 26, 2020 – MAXes – Anti-vehicle – The MAX is the most underutilized tool in anti-vehicle warfare that the NC has in its arsenal.  Frequently overlooked on the battlefield, a good anti-vehicle max can bring a certain level of devastation.  Join us for Anti-Vehicle Max training and learn strategies and builds for these metal menaces.
Due to a Special Occasion in real life, Blue Lions Op’s team needed to move training from March 25th to March 18th– Tobiathain’s Train of Terror training – Sunderers can be a lethal force on the battlefield.  Join us Sunderer Train Training with Toby!  Fun time for all!
Due to a Special Occasion in real life, Blue Lions Op’s team needed to move Tobiathen’s Train of Terror Event from March 29th to March 22nd. TOBIATHEN’S TRAIN OF TERROR!  The Circus is in town and the VS and TR are the clowns!  We are going to use to Sunderer’s to shut them down under the skilled Leadership of TobiathenE!  Get ready, get set, kill, kill, kill! 
Armor Training on Wednesdays, Infantry Training on Fridays both at 8pm EST followed by 2 hours of intense Op’s from 9pm to 11pm EST.

RECRUITMENT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ALL HOURS OF GAME PLAY! — PM GDawg71 or post on the forums for details of how you can help the recruitment effort!

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