Blue Lions,your Officers Corp invites you to attend our l “Members All Call Town Hall Meeting”,  on May 31st right after Sunday Night Operations are concluded.This meeting will be hosted by Chief of Staff General Dragonprey. Pleas bring your suggestions and ideas to the meeting. This is your chance to speak out. 
Blue Lions 17th anniversary is upon us.  On the week of May 21, 2020 BL will celebrate a mark that most gaming communities never see.  Come celebrate the Outfits sterling legacy with us and enjoy a series of events sponsored by the Blue Lions!  After all, this celebration is for each and every member of our Outfit.  We look forward to seeing all of you, old members and new during the celebration!!  CELEBRATE WITH THE POODLE!!!
The 1st 17th Anniversary Event will be on Sunday May  17th 8 pm-10pm EST. The “Clown Car Madness Event “with Lt. Colonel TobiathenE. The more members show up the more successful we will be and the more fun everyone will have. Looking for members to help make this night unforgettable!!!!!
Ready! Set! Go! The 2nd 17th Anniversary Event will be on Monday May  18th 8 pm-10pm EST.  BigHotdogg will hosting  the Harasser Race. More members the more crazy fun this event will be racing  all over the continent!!!
The 3rd 17th Anniversary Event will be on Thursday May 21. 2020 Colonel Skimsey will be helping members with registration and orientation for Blue Lions to join the clan’s TR clan the Crimson Lions. Joining will help in future clan battle events.
The 4th 17th Anniversary Event will be on Friday where Colonel Kengars will be holding a special 17th anniversary Infantry surprise at 8:00 to 10 PM EST 
The 5th 17th Anniversary Event will be on Saturday at 8:00 to 10 PM EST  Major Deathshot will be hosting Air domination, Flying your favorite flying vehicle. The 2nd hour the Blue Lions will be pulling out the Bastion.
The 6th 17th Anniversary Event will be on Sunday May  24th 8 pm-10pm EST. TRAIN OF TERROR! The Circus is in town and the VS and TR are the clowns! We are going to use to Sunderer’s to shut them down under the skilled Leadership of TobiathenE! Get ready, get set, kill, kill, kill!
Attention Blue Lions! Your Operations Team has come up with  the 2020 2nd Quarter of Specialized Training and Events to better your game playing experience pleasure and Teamwork! Please read up on the following training and Events 
May 20. 2020 – TOBIATHEN’S TRAIN OF TERROR TRAINING!! See if you can say that five times fast.  It is the oft sought after Sunderer Mafia hosted by our very Lt. Col. TobiathenE.  We will load up, cruise the map and destroy enemy columns and assets as they present themselves.  Heck who knows, Toby might even tell a few jokes (honestly lets hope not).  Join us for a smashing training!  Details on the Sunderer Event to follow as part of our Anniversary Events Week!!!
June 24, 2020 – The Max!  An imposing figure on any battlefront.  It is the least used anti-vehicle tool in the NC Armor because the misnomer is that it is only effective in CQC.   NAY NAY I SAY!  Come join Blue Lions Armor Company for Anti Vehicle Max Training and learn to use this beast on the open fields
Air Cav Training on Mondays, Armor Training on Wednesdays, Infantry Training on Fridays All at 8pm EST followed by 2 hours of intense Op’s from 9pm to 11pm EST.

RECRUITMENT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ALL HOURS OF GAME PLAY! — PM GDawg71 or post on the forums for details of how you can help the recruitment effort!

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