Congratulations to Zedrackis achieving BR 100!!      Don't miss out the Blue Lions Operations Events on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday!!     Special Warfare events on Wednesdays and Thursdays      Click on the Op's, Special Warfare and Training Calendar tab for upcoming official Op's, Special Warfare events and training
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    Blue Lions Outfit Leader

    General Starfire
    Outfit Leader's Executive Officer
    Lt. General Crunch
    Outfit Leader's Adjutant

    Council of Generals Liaison: ReN
    General DragonpreyLt. General RedBaron
    General StarfireLt. General Crunch
    General BishopwraithLt. General Ren

    Outfit Leaders' Officer Corps
    General Dragonprey
    Col. ChloroxCol. Pethus
    Col. TravinMaj. Chyms
    Maj. KengarsMaj. Tigerpaw
    Maj. CyphonMaj. Applo
    Cpt. Bullet0StormCpt. Deathshot
    Cpt. LukepineCpt. StrangePepsi

    Recruitment Team
    Commanding Officer: Lt. General Crunch
    Executive Officer: Maj. Applo
    General Dragonprey
    Maj. Cyphon
    Spec. DumblesSpec. Gr1mJ4w
    Spec. iceleftdSpec. Jakenheimer
    Spec. Zweet

    Operations Team
    Commanding Officer: Lt. General ReN
    Executive Officer: General Bishopwraith
    Adjutant: Cpt. Bullet0Storm
    Colonel ChloroxColonel Pethus
    Maj. ChymsMaj. Kengars
    Maj. TigerPawCpt. Deathshot
    Cpt. LukepineCpt. StrangPepsi
    Spec. ChurchSSpec. HammerHeadGaming
    Spec. I3orneSpec. Nutcup
    Spec. RedBrickJunk

    Company Core Team
    Air CavalryArmor Company
    CO: Colonel TravinCO: Major Tigerpaw
    XO: Cpt. ZweetXO: Cpt. Lukepine
    ADJ: VacantADJ: Vacant
    Infantry CompanySupport Company
    CO: Lt. General RenCO: Colonel Chlorox
    XO: Col. PethusXO: Vacant
    ADJ: Maj. KengarsADJ: Vacant

    Special Warfare Unit
    Commanding Officer: Lt. General RedBaron
    Executive Officer: Major ChymsAdjutant: CmdrTychus

    Past Outfit Leaders
    Thank you for your service
    Mike Massino: Blue Lions founder 2003
    Jezebel: 2003-2004 | Kaya: 2004 | Gride: 2004-2005

    Pride Lt. General SteinB
    Gone But Not Forgotten
    1963 - October 29, 2013

    Pride General KaBlast
    You will be missed
    1939 - February 26, 2012

    Pride General Lobwedge
    Best of the Best
    1965 - November 16, 2007

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