Planetside 2 NC Combat Medic Loadouts 2019

Medium Assault – The Health Tank

This loadout is an advanced combat medic kit that can stand toe to toe with a Heavy Assault in the hands of an experienced player.  It’s based off of stacking Nano-Regen, Restoration Kits, Combat Surgeon & Carapace implants to heal yourself indefinitely.  This can be played in the middle of squad or solo play and excels at both close and long range combat (when using ASP to get Battle Rifles for your secondary slot).  


  • GR-22 This assault rifle is a beast in close quarter combat boasting a fire rate of 800rpm, 143 damage at 15m (with soft point ammo), amazing hipfire accuracy, low reload time, and 600m/s muzzle velocity.  When fully kitted, you do not need to aim down sites to shred your opponents in CQC.  Its drawback is that it doesn’t do well beyond about 50m and you will usually need to reload between kills making it so you really need to have your movement skills honed to dodge additional opponents during reloads.
    Teklyte Reflex (1x)
    Laser Sight
    Soft Point Ammunition
  • MGR-M1 Bishop The Bishop is an extremely powerful battle rifle capable of taking down targets at medium to long range with ease.  It deals 334 damage per round with no damage drop-off at any range.  With a muzzle velocity of 550m/s, there’s negligible bullet drop at range.  This weapon is so accurate, you can counter-snipe snipers using a 1x sight.  The hipfire is abysmal, thus the addition of the laser sight in emergency situations.  If you’re planning on using this kit primarily at range with the Bishop, you can swap the Laser Sight for the Comfort Grip.  The comfort grip gives you a 30% faster “swap to this weapon” time and reduces the horizontal recoil by 20%.  The trade off is that it increases the hipfire cone of fire by 20%.
    Nico (1x)
    Laser Sight 
    NOTE:  If you do not have/want A.S.P. for Battle Rifle Secondary for your combat medic, you can swap for the NS-44 Commissioner or NS-357 Underboss to make this solely a CQC kit.


Nano-Regen Device is the centerpiece of this kit healing the medic and anyone in their area on command.  Nanoweave armor is used to give a 20% reduction to damage from small arms fire for surviving firefights.   Restoration kits are used while simultaneously turning on Nano-regen before engaging an opponent granting the medic 145hp heals per second for their duration allowing them to outlast opponents in direct confrontation or ducking behind cover for a quick heal.


The bread and butter of this loadout comes with the synergy of the above discussed ability, suit, and utility combined with two powerful implants:  Carapace and Combat Surgeon.  Carapace replaces your 500hp personal shield with 500hp of health pool, which when combined with two Heal-Over-Time abilities; means the moment you take damage, you start healing damage.  Combat Surgeon is a combat medic only implant that grants you back 30% of your Nano-Regen Field energy every time you kill an enemy or revive a friendly.  As you kill enemies, your Nano-regen recharges, allowing you to continue to heal long after other medics have run out of power.