How To Make A New Forums Topic (formerly called ‘posts’)


Go to the address bar of your browser (NOT a search engine… the bar at the VERY top of your browser) and type into it and hit Enter) You should be visiting the HOMEPAGE of the website when you visit the website, not a bookmark of some subpage of the website.  The homepage will always give you the most recent links and versions of webpages the website has to offer.  The homepage is HOME BASE for your website experience.  Bookmarking individual pages on the website may lead to visiting old versions of pages or even visiting a page that no longer exists.  In that case, you’ll be contacting me asking where it went.   This can be avoided by going to the homepage and using the menu to navigate the website.

It should take you to a page that looks like this:

STEP TWO:  Click on the LOGIN menu link at the Top Right of the webpage.

As shown here:

STEP THREE: Type in your username and password on the login page

As shown here:

STEP FOUR: Click on the FORUMS menu link at the top right of the page

As shown here:

STEP FIVE: Locate the specific forum you wish to post in and click on the NAME of the forum

In this example, we’re going to click on Private: Blue Lions General Discussion

STEP SIX: Click on the ‘Create New Topic’ button towards the top of the page content that just loaded

As shown here:

STEP SEVEN:  Type in a Topic Title (formerly called post) and Type in the content of your post

As shown in here:

STEP EIGHT:  You must click on the checkbox next to ‘I’m not a robot.’ in the Google reCaptcha box.


STEP NINE: Click the SUBMIT button — ONCE AND ONLY ONCE.  Be patient, it will save the post and redirect to the completed post within 2-4 seconds.


If after clicking Submit and waiting 10 seconds, nothing has happened, scroll back up to the top of the page and carefully read from top to bottom making sure you have the following:

  • A Topic Title
  • Topic Content (the actual post itself)
  • A green checkmark next to I’m not a robot
  • No error messages anywhere on the screen (screenshots of common error messages below)

IF ALL THESE REQUIREMENTS ARE MET… carefully position your mouse cursor in the center of the submit button and LEFT-CLICK ONCE.   The page will reload after a couple seconds and look something like this:


Make sure you’re still logged in.  You can see your name and profile picture at the top right of the page.  If it looks like the following, you’re still logged in.

If you’re still logged in,  go back through the troubleshooting steps and very carefully look for error messages.  If it isn’t posting, it’s telling you why, slow down and look for the reason.

If you still can’t make a post…

Email BishopWraith at


ERROR: Your topic needs a title.

You left your Topic Title empty.   (if you tried making a title with only a few letters, it might say your topic title is too short)  Looks like this:

ERROR: Your topic cannot be empty.

You need to have some content, otherwise, what’s the point in posting?  (If you tried posting content with only a few letters it might give you an error saying your topic is too short) Looks like this:

ERROR: reCAPTCHA Failure. Please Try Again.

This means at the time you clicked Submit, you did NOT have a green checkmark next to ‘I’m not a robot.’   There is a timer on how long the checkmark remains valid before it reverts back to an empty checkbox.  You should only be checking the checkmark right before you click submit and you should wait for it to turn into a green checkmark before clicking submit.  Here’s what the error looks like:

And for a refresher, here’s what the empty box looks like, and what the checkmark should look like BEFORE you click Submit