Hossin Continent Alert Strategy

Continent alerts are tricky things.  One might assume that you want to grab as much territory as possible and then just keep pushing. However, every map is a three-way contest for supremecy and mathematics dictates that the easiest way to have a comeback is to take territory from the winning faction as it lowers their percentage while raising yours.  For this reason, the key strategy to winning a continent alert is to secure your major bases early and carefully manage both your population and enemy populations along your lattices — fading away from a fight before enemy pop snowballs out of control, feigning pop to a front you can afford to lose ground on, and tying up enemy pop at a base they could never actually take in a 96+ pop fight.  You want your empire hovering around the 30% – 36% territory control for the majority of the alert.  Every warpgate has 3 lattice lanes attached to it.  Each of those lanes has a key base. Cyrious Gaming calls these “strongholds” in his invaluable continent alert guide on Youtube.  When you hold all three of these strongholds you have 33% to 36% territory control AND you have 9 to 12 connected bases in which you can strike out against. 



  • Primary Objective:  Hold all three strongholds
  • Secondary Objective: Find good fights to tie up enemy pop and feign attacks without striking far into enemy territory
  • Finale: In the last 20 minutes, strike out and grab 1-point bases and defend your territory
  • AVOID GETTING DOUBLE TEAMED AT ALL COSTS by not taking too much territory or getting in huge, long fights.

Hossin West Warpgate

  • Stronghold Center:  Broken Vale Garrison
  • Stronghold South: Fort Drexler (contested)
  • Stronghold East: Hayd Skydock (contested)
  • Pit of Despair (don’t take this): Nason’s Defiance

Hossin East Warpgate

  • Stronghold Center:  Woodman ASE Labs
  • Stronghold South: Bravata PMC Compound
  • Stronghold West: Hayd Skydock (contested)
  • Pit of Despair (don’t take this): Nason’s Defiance

Hossin South Warpgate

  • Stronghold Center:  Gourney Dam
  • Stronghold East: Genesis Terraforming Plant
  • Stronghold West: Fort Drexler (contested)
  • Backup Stronghold West: Cairn Station (if you can’t take Fort Drexler)
  • Pit of Despair (don’t take this): Nason’s Defiance