Capture Initiation Theory

C.I.T. is based on the theory that every base capture requires established, well-placed spawn logistics, with a compliment of combined arms to respond to enemy threats to each element of the platoon, with the ultimate goal of controlling and maintaining control of the spawn logistics so that the NC population, at large, will provide the infantry numbers to complete the base capture.

Key Points:

  • Blue Lions Air Cavalry (BLAC) performs recon and provides sitrep
  • Blue Lions Infantry Company (BLIC) maintains a primary spawn sunderer closest to a single control point, opposite the enemy spawn room, with as much cover from enemy armor as possible.
  • BLIC maintains a secondary sunderer in either an overwatch position over the primary sunderer, or offset as a retreat and regroup point.
  • Blue Lions Armor Company (BLACOM) maintains a zone of control in front of the primary and secondary sunderers.
  • Blue Lions Support Company (BLSC) support the BLACOM elements with repair and ammo sunderers, doubling as emergency replacement sunderers in the event a primary or secondary goes down.
  • BLIC having established a router construction base on the backlines of NC territory, place a router pad on the chosen control point.
  • BLIC places a spawn beacon near the control point, opposite from the enemy spawn room.
  • BLIC performs a point hold defense.
  • BLIC positions a stalker infiltrator in an overwatch position who remains cloaked for the entirety of the capture, spotting priority threats and placing a new beacon for Mass Aeriel Redeployment Strike (MARS).
  • BLAC performs Combat Air Patrols (CAP) over the target base.
  • BLAC performs bombing runs on enemy armor and spawn logistics.
  • BLACOM and BLSC provide ground AA support to the area, creating a zone of denial to enemy air.
  • With the focused effort of organized combined arms tactics, well-planned spawn logistics endure and fellow NC push through to the remaining objectives until the base capture is complete.


BL Air Cavalry (BLAC) performs recon and provides sitrep.


BL Armor Company (BLACOM) creates zones of control where the primary and secondary sunderers will deploy.

BL Infantry Company (BLIC) positions primary sunderer near the control point, on the opposite side from the enemy spawn room. 
(Deployment Shield Sunderer)

BLIC positions a secondary sunderer offset from the primary and out of main traffic lanes for enemy units.
(Cloaked Sunderer)

BLIC performs a point hold on the objective and deploys a router pad on the point and spawn beacon opposite of the spawn room.

BLIC positions stalker infiltrator in overwatch to spot priority threats and place emergency beacon for Mass Aeriel Redeployment Strike.

BL Support Company (BLSC) supports BLACOM with repair and ammo sunderers which double as emergency replacement spawns and anti-aircraft zone of denial.

BLAC performs Combat Air Patrols (CAP) and Strategic Bombing Runs denying enemy armor and spawn logistics.

Thanks to our enduring, established logistics and effective “Sphere of Influence”; allied NC Forces move in and overwhelm the enemy.

Blue Lions capture another base!