Permit Issued By:
Operations Team Commanding Officer General ReN, Chief of Operations

Creator of Blue Lion Armor Company (BLAC):: General BishopWraith, JAG

Armor Company Commander (AC CO): General Tigerpaw
Armor Company Executive Officer (AC XO) Colonel LukePine
Armor Company Adjutant (AC ADJ): Lieutenant Colonel Skimsey

Blue Lions Armor Company Operations Manual (B.L.A.C.O.M)
version 2.0
Original manual by BishopWraith
updated and edited by Rickashay for PS2.
Version 2.0 edit/rewrite by Armor Company XO, Major LukePine [2016]
— Content subject to change with patches, etc. —

“[New motto to be voted upon and announced]”

Official non-mandatory Armor Company Camo :: Black Tiled Camo


Armor is about sustainability and working together as a team.

In order to do this, we must learn to communicate with one another where to pull vehicles, what type of vehicles to pull, who will drive and who will serve as gunner, where to rally together, what point to strike, and what threats or targets are sighted. We all run as engineers so that we can repair our own equipment as necessary.

Along with this we need knowledge of our own strengths and weaknesses and that of our vehicles and their various weaponry. We must learn which weapons work the best against each target, which opponents should cause us to fall back, and which targets warrant advance.

We must be flexible to change our course of action as necessary. We must understand the opponent’s strength and weaknesses. We must work to learn the terrain and various areas of the game to find the best areas to strike from, those that are best for cover, and find paths that pass through what seems to be impassable terrain.

It is about working together to gain the benefit of coordinated action through teamwork with one another and the methods that we use to create that teamwork.
With all of this in mind, the Blue Lions Armor Company Operations Manual will consist of the following areas of training: Group-Fire, proper Communication, Group Movement, and Rallying.

Chapter 1: Blue Lions Armor Company Prerequisites

The following prerequisites are mandatory for a Blue Lions Member to be considered an Armor Company Member and receive their TS3 icon.

1) Attend Armor Company on Wednesdays

We expect all those that wish to be members of Armor Company to come out to Armor Company on Wednesday nights as often as possible.

Armor Company is a night for us to work together specifically to hone our skills and learn to work together as a team while in Armor squads.

Armor Company is the time to ask questions. We want you to become knowledgeable about the equipment you are using. Even more importantly, we want you to learn the interaction between the squad lead, the lead tank, drivers, and gunners.
Do not feel that you have to be there at the start of Armor Company. Join when you can and turn-out as often as you can. Anytime that you can spend time learning to work as a team helps improve Armor Company, keep us together as a Company, and our Company as part of OPs.

2) Follow the Chain-of-Command

The Armor Company leadership is working to provide members of Blue Lions with the Armor Company experience that will enable Armor Company to take part in OPs.

The Blue Lions is based on a Chain-of-Command structure, and Armor Company works the same way.

The Armor Company Commander is in charge of the Armor Company. Please listen to his instructions. If you need clarification, ask him questions. Do not blurt out your opinion. We can discuss things as time allows.

If the Armor squad leader issues instructions, an Armor Company member is expected to follow those orders. If you are requested to pull certain equipment, please pull it. If you are instructed to rally to a certain point, please do it. They have taken on a responsibility to keep the squad organized; please work with the squad leader.

If a Lead Tank has been assigned by the Armor squad leader, an Armor Company member is expected to follow their lead and direction. Give the Lead Tank plenty of room to do what they need to do. They are putting themselves in harm’s way to benefit the rest of the Armor squad.

If you are a gunner, an Armor Company member is expected to take direction from the driver.

3) Know the Equipment

It is important to gain hand-on experience with both driving and gunning.

We want you to have experience driving all the ground vehicles. We want you to have experience using all the various weaponry.

There is a time and a place for each type of vehicle and weapon.

4) Know the Driver-Gunner Interaction

We are working to become a unified group that knows how to work together to provide group-fire to take out enemy targets.
The driver calls the shots. The gunner should fire upon the same target. The gunner should repair when the driver calls for repairs.
The gunner should call out threats. Drivers should react to threats.

Making these call-outs in TS3 allows other Driver-gunner teams to react.

5) Work to be part of the Armor Company Team

It takes more than one turn-out to Armor Company to become an Armor Company member and to get your TS3 icon. We expect you to turn out for at least four (4) Armor Company meetings held every week on Wednesdays before OPS at 8 PM EST and prove to us that you willing to work to be part of the team. We hope that you can be there for the entire hour each time, but we will give you some latitude in regards to this; spending less ½ hour in an Armor Company meeting does not give you credit toward your Armor Company

We are a team, and we want to help you learn to work with us to be part of Armor Company.

[There is an additional level of Blue Lions Armor Company participation. This is shown by the Armor Company Veterans Icon. This icon is granted by the Armor Company Commander to those deserving of an extra level of respect for their long-standing and on-going support of the Blue Lions Armor Company. Whisper code name :: ACV]

Chapter 2: BLAC Rules & Regulations

1) Active Participation

We expect people that want to be members of Armor Company will want to run with us. We want to see you out on Wednesdays for the Armor Company meeting even if you are able to make it out for Armor squads at some other time during the week either in or out of Ops. The Armor Company meeting is the set time for Armor Company to work together to hone our skills as a team.

2) Armor squad

You do not have to be a member of the Armor Company to run with Armor squads.

However, Squads must have an Armor Company member as squad leader in order to be marked or labeled as Blue Lions Armor. If an Armor Company member needs to hand off the squad lead to a non-Armor Company member, the Armor Company squad leader must remove “Blue Lions Armor” from the squad name before handing off the squad. Furthermore, Armor Company members always have priority to take over leadership of an Armor squad, to join the Armor squad during OPs, and can ask for a place in full Armor squad.

[If you see a squad labeled “Blue Lions Armor” in a platoon that is not lead by an Armor Company member, then report this to the squad leader so it can be taken care of. At the very least, the “Armor” should be removed from the name. In other situations, please request that a non-Armor Company squad leader to remove “Armor” from the squad name. Please report any infractions of this to one or more of the Armor Company officers.]

If the Armor squad becomes full during OPs, we cannot start a second squad; this is an Operations Battalion rule put into place by Lt General ReN. For this reason, an Armor squad during OPs is first-come-first-serve for Armor Company members. Once it is full of Armor Company members, it’s full and there simply is no room for other Armor Company members to join the platoon’s designated Armor squad.

[Armor Company Officers and Armor Company Veterans may always ask for entry into a squad labeled “Blue Lions Armor” if they wish to do so.]

If Blue-bees or non-Armor Company members need to be removed from a squad to make room for Armor Company members, the Armor Squad leader should let people know why they are being removed from the squad and try to get the Platoon leader to move the player to another squad before kicking them from the Armor squad. Non-Blue Lions should be removed first and then Blue Lions that do not have the Armor Company TS3 Icon.

3) Courtesy during Armor Company and while in Non-Armor squads during Ops

Armor Company is run by Armor Company Officers each week for the benefit of Armor Company and potential Armor Company members. Respect the Officers present. Let the Armor Company leadership answer questions from new players and give information on matters of Armor Company protocol. If a general question is asked for the benefit of new players, let the Officers answer the questions themselves. We know that experienced players already know most of what we are going over with players who are new to Armor Company; please respect they are new and let them experience the training process without excessive interruption. Armor Company Officers will optionally divide up the group and train new players separately so that the experienced players can work on team-building exercises.

[To clarify, let the Armor Company Officer leading the training do their job. Don’t interrupt them or argue about what they are teaching. They will ask if anyone has questions at various times as they proceed through training. If the Armor Company Officer asks questions about the understanding of training, let the people that are new answer; we certainly hope that Armor Company members already know the answers to our questions.]

If for some reason you are not running as part of an Armor squad during OPs, you are expected to follow the squad leader of the squad that you are in. If you want to pull a vehicle, ask your squad leader before pulling it. If they do not want you to pull armor, do not pull it. We want to show respect for all the Blue Lions that step-up for squad leadership even if we are not actively working with an Armor squad.

4) Once a Tanker, Always a Tanker

It has become a Blue Lions Standard that those given a TS3 icon will not have it removed unless they are out of the game so long that they are removed from the outfit.

This was apparently not always the case. Provisions were set in many company write-ups that Company status could be revoked due to inactivity through lack of attendance for on-going Company training or being out of game for as little as 14 days.
Things happen and we all must take time away from the game from time-to-time. If you need to be out of game for an extended amount of time, please make a post in the vacation area of the forums.

We have the doors open to Armor Company for both Blue Lions that have never been a part of Armor Company before and for those that have previously run with Armor Company.

That being said, things change over time.
If you have not been out for Armor Company for more than a month,


1) do not expect that you know how things are run in Armor Company or that everyone should know you,

2) do not speak as you are an authority about how Armor Company operates, and

3) take a week or two to readjust to the flow of the group. By that point, you may realize that there are often people in place that are taking care of much of what you think that you maybe have been responsible for in the past. You are still an Armor Company member, but you need to relearn how to work with the current group to truly be an Armor Company member again.

Chapter 3: Group-Fire and Target Selection

Concentration of Firepower is everyone shooting at the same target. When our fire is concentrated, we can take down enemies before they can react and before they can cause extensive damage to our vehicles.

Generally, the rule is that we should target the enemy indicated by the Armor squad leader or their designated Lead Tank.
A helpful guide is “Biggest Threat: Closest and Left to Right”.

That being said, the Armor squad leader calls targets unless they designate a Lead Tank. If there is a Lead Tank, the Lead Tank calls the targets. If you are separated from the group, the driver calls the targets for his gunner.

Targets should be called out by name and cardinal direction. “Prowler to the north”.

If multiple targets, specify. “Two sundies to the north. Go for the repair sundy on the left first.”

It makes no difference who is correct or in error. Follow the lead and attack the designated target.

If you think you know better, then volunteer to be the Armor squad leader the next time you are asked to step-up and the lead. When it is your opportunity to lead, you will have your chance to try to make the correct calls for everyone else. And, at that point, everyone will be expected to fire upon the targets that you select.

For general sightings, give vehicle types and cardinal direction. “Couple of prowlers and a lighting to the north.”

If an OPs leader calls for a strike on a designated target, we are expected to work to take out that target. If the Armor squad leader finds themselves in a position where we cannot reach a location so that we can destroy the target, the Armor squad leader is to immediately make the OPs leader aware of the situation so that they can find alternate methods to destroy the target. Armor costs too many nanites to throw it away repeatedly when it can be used in a more advantageous fashion; knowledgeable OPs leaders understand this.


Chapter 4: Communication

Proper communication is the key to team-work.

We have three basic levels of communication; Armor squad leader to OPs leader, Squad communications, and individual driver/gunner communications.

When we are in a heated battle, we should keep communication tactical.

There is never a good time during OPs to go into technical matters, long-winded stories, etc. Try to keep communication tight and to the point when were are in the thick of it. The intent of OPs is to keep us in the thick of it, so please do not distract other people that are working on teaming up and keeping their vehicles from being destroyed.

There is plenty of time for us to laugh and to joke around with our Armor squads outside of OPs times. However, if someone is getting overboard in some manner in TS3, you have the right to ask them to keep things tactical and/or let them know that there are other channels that can be used to discuss non-tactical matters that are not as restricted by the TS3 section of the CoC.

The Blue Lions TS3 is here for us to use mainly for tactical communications. If the whole group is up for ranting about stuff, then go for it but adhere to the CoC rules in regards to your use of the Blue Lions TS3. If someone opposes, tighten it up to tactical communication.

[If you have issues with someone breaking CoC rules in regards to TS3 or being unwilling to restrain themselves in TS3, then please report them to an officer and/or a general, so that the situation can be taken care of.]

1) Driver to Gunner

There are times to use proximity chat for conversation between a Driver and a Gunner. This is mainly when you become separated from the group or if we cannot use the Armor Company channel.

You should strive to be near the Armor squad leader’s or Lead Tank’s vehicle. When you are near the Armor squad leader or Lead Tank, you should always use TS3 for tactical communication while in the Armor Company channel.

Learn your driver or gunner’s voice.

If the Armor Squad leader or Lead Tank has not called a target, drivers are responsible to call out targets they see. Gunners are responsible to fire upon the target that their driver indicates. Drivers are also to indicate when a vehicle should be repaired. Gunners are to call out any target they see if no target has been designated. Gunners should work on watching out for threats and warning their driver. This can include anything like Q’ing for mines, enemy light assaults in the area, anti-vehicle turrets that I have just come on-line, etc.

2) Squad

All Armor squad chat is preferably in the Armor Company TS3 channel.

[If there are Blue-bees in the squad for some reason, you should let the Armor squad leader or officers present communicate with the person through squad chat unless you are instructed to talk to that person. This helps reduce chatter and redundancy.]

If an Armor Company officer, Armor squad leader, or Lead Tank is trying to talk, clear the coms so that they can relay information to you.
Call outs (identifying targets or threats) are fine, but try to let the people in lead positions relay instructions. If Tactical Coms or Clear Coms are called, then stop talking; some people in the channel may be listening/responding to multiple channels that you do not have access to use.

If you take down a target that the leader(s) cannot see, let them know in TS3. This allows them to call off the attack on that target and reroute the Armor squad toward another target.

Driver and Gunner chatter can have information valuable to you, so keep an ear out when you are not engaged for others in the squad calling out targets. Group-fire on the same target as others whenever possible.

3) Armor squad leader to OPs leader

This communication is done through a whisper called “Tactical Coms”.

If you lead an Armor squad during OPs, you should have “Tactical Coms” channel assigned to you and have the whisper set-up in TS3 whisper list. You can request help on setting this up. It is a simple process, you only have to set-up the whisper once, but you must be assigned access to “Tactical Coms” each time you join TS3.

Tactical Coms channel is reserved for OPs communication. It will look like a “C” in an orange box on your channel list (Yes, all those icons to the right of your name in TS3 have a related whisper. More on that later.)

When using “Tactical Coms”, you are to always use the term “Tac coms” when you start speaking on the “Tactical Coms” whisper list. “Tac coms. Armor Company is attacking enemy prowlers north of the base.”

Most of the communication comes from the OPs leader. They will call in and assign the Armor squad or the whole Platoon a location to move to attack or to defend. They might even call specific targets. In these cases, the Armor squad leader is to reply “Tac Coms. Armor company, copies”.

OPs leaders like to hear that their targets have been taken down, so Armor squad leaders should report in when an assigned target is destroyed. “Tac Coms. Armor Company has taken down the sundy at green smoke.”

In general, it is good practice for the Armor squad leader to periodically give the Ops leader updates, especially if all equipment is lost or with an update as to how far out and/or how long it will take them to reach a target location (i.e. platoon waypoint).

4) Armor Company whisper

All the icons next to your name have a related whisper. Once you have the Armor Company icon, you can set-up a whisper in your whisper lists that targets everyone with the Armor Company icon. This works like Tactical Coms. When you use it, make sure to start out by saying “Armor Company”.

We mainly used this in the past when we were involved in OPs, but were not allowed to have an Armor squad. When the Ops leader called for armor, we could rally ourselves through the use of this whisper. “Armor Company. Fall back to the Tech Plant and we’ll pull armor from there. Wait until we are all grouped up and move out.”

You can also use this to try to get Armor Company members together to join your Armor squad.

If you have this whisper list set-up, everyone that has the Armor Company icon can hear you in any Blue Lions TS3 channel.

Use the “Armor Company” whisper sparingly. And, yes, if you are running in a non-Armor squad in the Alpha channel and have information for Armor Company members in an Armor squad that are in the Armor Company channel, you should know from running with us when it is the correct time to send a quick message to Armor Company members on using the Armor Company whisper. One of those times is when you see that the Armor squad is full, and you would like to join the Armor squad.

Chapter 5: Group Movement

Moving in a group means staying with the group.

As you read through the following, take note that the goal is to work as a group.

If you race off and do your own thing, you are not functioning as part of Armor Company.

1) Columns and Lines

This is the practice of moving from one location to another by use of the column formation in a single file line that is slightly staggered to help prevent aircraft from making a strafing run across multiple vehicles. This is to prevent vehicles from bunching up so that traffic jams do not occur and so that the vehicles in the column can retreat as necessary and, hopefully, spreads the vehicles out far enough so that they cannot be targeted together, yet close enough that they can quickly be drawn into formation to fire on a target using group-fire.
When this sort of movement is done on an angle instead of a column it is called a left or right echelon. This is basically one side of an inverted V with the Lead Tank in front. Left echelon the tanks trail to the left of the lead tank. Right echelon the tanks trail to the right of the lead tank.

In this sort of formation, tanks do not break off. All tanks always remain with the group. The group fight and dies together.

The formation for firing upon targets is generally a line. All vehicles roll-up to a designed location and forum a staggered line all facing the same cardinal direction. Group-fire targets are called and the line fires together.

If the Armor squad leader or Lead Tank calls for the group to split-off, vehicles should return to a rally point that has been designated as a safe fallback location. This could be a friendly base, a friendly ammo tower, or a friendly ammo sundy.

[Armor squad leaders should mark this rally point with the squad waypoint and their personal waypoint, and then ask all other Armor squad members to mark it with their own personal way point before moving the squad waypoint to another location.]

These tactics are mainly for Vanguards which work best when set-up to fire upon targets from a distance.

Remember to follow group-fire targeting in order to take down targets quickly.

2) Roving Wolf Pack

This is a loose formation. It is the formation that we tend to run when we have a squad mostly filled with Armor Company members that are running a mix of vehicles instead of simply vanguards.

The group roams out as a pack in a loose formation dependent upon the terrain. Goal is to spread out a bit, but to be in close enough proximity to move to each other’s rescue.

We often do move in a line in order to let the leading tank clear any landmines that might have been placed in front of us, but this is not always the case.

When we get to a location targeted by the Armor squad leader or Lead Tank, we spread out in the general area. This may be each unit looking for their own set-up location in the area, or the whole group roving around for a targets.

The main goals with this formation is to spread out enough to find targets while being close enough to respond when another vehicle spots a target. If you are hit, run back behind the rest of the Armor squad to lure enemies that are following back to within firing range of the rest of the group.

In tight terrain that limits movement or near high terrain features, it is advisable to have a vehicle with proximity or scout radar in the mix to reveal infantry and some armor that may be waiting behind hillsides. Always be wary for the possibility of stealth vehicles.

[Proximity radar reveals moving enemies on the map to all vehicle occupants. Scout radar reveals moving enemies to all friendlies in the area.]

If you are engaged and you feel you will not get support fast enough, fallback toward the group while calling the targets. Hopefully, this will lure your opponent into an area where the rest of the Armor squad can get a clear shot at them and rescue your vehicle from being destroyed.

This kind of formation also gains an advantage by having fast moving vehicles on the flanks that can find targets, lure them back, and potentially attack them from the sides while they are engaged the slower moving tanks.
Harrassers excel at this type of formation. Drive into battle and race out of it. Lure enemies back toward your approaching forces. Take out weaker targets. Nip at stronger opponents and race away.

Remember to work as part of the pack and don’t turn into a wild dog.

To make that clear, don’t jump in a harasser and just run around doing what you want to do. Just because you are in a harasser doesn’t mean that you are not part of an organized Armor squad that is striving to work together as a team. Either you are part of that team or you are not. If you are not part of the team. you are not behaving as an Armor Company member regardless if you have the icon or not.


Chapter 6: Rallying

Rallying is actively grouping up.

This can happen directly after vehicles are pulled or after a quick skirmish.

The purpose is to get the vehicles back together, repaired, re-armed, and ready to move back out as a group.
Rallying is all about grouping up.

You do not have to call it rallying. You can simply call it grouping up.

If the Armor squad leader calls for you to rally or group up, you are to immediately move the general location of the Armor squad leader or their waypoint.

The Armor squad leader should never call for rallying or grouping up in a hot location. The location should be relatively safe from enemy fire or a method to call for back-up at the Armor squad leader’s location.

To make this clear, the location of enemy tanks is never a rally point. That kind of location is a target or attack location. Armor Squad leaders should be known for calling for a rally or group up point that their squad members can race to quickly without needing to engage with enemy units along the way.


New members to the Blue Lions are always welcome to attend Armor Company on Wednesdays, to operate as part of the Armor squad in OPs, or to join a squad labelled as an Armor squad outside of scheduled OPs times.

However, Armor Company members do have priority in Armor squad and can request to replace non-Armor Company members that are currently in a full Armor Squad.

If you are having fun running with a Blue Lions Armor squad, I greatly suggest that you turn-out for Armor Company on Wednesdays and learn to become part of the core Armor Company membership.

Per Armor Company Commander Colonel Tigerpaw, these are the Vanguard specs required to be pulled when running with a Blue Lions Armor squad — unless clearance is given by the Armor squad leader to pull alternate builds.

* Utility :: Vanguard Shield
* Defense :: Auto Repair or Stealth
* Performance :: Rival Combat

AP Cannon
+ Optic :: x2 (if All Access), x1 1/2 (if not All Access)
+ Utility :: Reload Speed
+ Ammo :: Ammo Capacity 5 or better

– Optic :: x2 (if All Access), x1 1/2 (if not all Access)
– Utility :: Reload speed
– Ammo :: Ammo Capacity 5 or better


– Optic :: x1.5
– Utility :: Mag Size
– Ammo :: Ammo Capacity 5 or better

Description of Use ::

variant is for anti-ground vehicle situations.

Ranger variant is to be pulled when there is sufficient enemy aircraft to warrant it’s use.

The Armor Company has a new policy in regards to the Armor Company icon and membership.

In addition to the requirements for gaining the Armor Company icon, you must attend least one Armor Company in the previous two month period in order to keep the Armor Company Icon starting 06/08/2016.

We do want to have people out as much as possible to build-up group-dynamics and teamwork on Wednesdays.
This new policy is to help insure those that actively participate in Armor Company have access to Armor squads during Ops.
This policy has been taken before the Officer Corps and approved by Tigerpaw.

Those that lose the icon will be sent a PM in regards to this new policy.


This policy is now in effect.

On or after 08/03/2016, we will go back over turn-out records and remove the Armor Company icon that has not turned out to an Armor Company (training) between 06/15/2016 and 08/03/2016.

After that date, we will look back over the turn-out list after the first Armor Company (training) each month and remove the Armor Company status/icon from anyone that has not turned out over the previous 2 months (8 week period).

A PM will be sent to all Armor Company members to insure that they have had proper warning in regards to this policy change.

(Note the old policy was to require once-a-month turn-out for most Blue Lions Company memberships. This policy lapse and, with it, turn out to Companies brought the complete inactivity of some Companies themselves.)

Any questions should be directed to
Armor Company Commander Colonel Tigerpaw

Just to make it clear, you must 1) be registered in the forums and 2) use TS3 to get credit for Armor Company (training) on Wednesdays in order to get your Armor Company Icon (Armor Company membership).

1 – “Be registered in the forums” should be obvious. You can’t be a member of the Blue Lions Armor Company until you are a Blue Lion, and you aren’t a full-member of the Blue Lions until you have registered in the forums.

2 – “Use TS3” because we are a team, and we rely upon communication + the Blue Lions is a TS3 mandatory outfit. You don’t have to use a microphone, but we need you to be in the Armor Company channel so you can hear what is going on. We would like you to have a microphone so that you can quickly participate in spotting targets, calling out warnings, etc.

I am making this clear so that there can be no confusion about what is going on.
If you have an questions, please get with General Tigerpaw, Major Skimsey, or myself.