Attention Blue Lions! Your Operations Team has come up with  the 2020 3rd Quarter of Specialized Training and Events to better your game playing experience pleasure and Teamwork! Please read up on the following training and Events 
2nd 3rd quarter specialized training. Wednesday August 26, 2020 – FAN FAVORITE – THE SUNDERER MAFIA – Please Join Lt. Colonel TobiathenE and the Armor and Support Companies for SUNDERER MAFIA training!  We work on loadouts, formation driving and of course, killing Red and Purple.  This will be followed by a operations event featuring the Sunderer Mafia!
3rd 3rd quarter specialized training Event. Sunday August 30th, 2020 – SUNDAY NIGHT SUNDERER MAFIA – AN ADVENTURE IN DESTRUCTION!  Join Lt. Colonel TobiathenE as we man Sunderers and move through Auraxis leaving a wake of carnage in our path.  We need as many Blue Lions for this event as possible to demonstrate our skills, strengths and cohesiveness as an outfit.  A good time for all!!
4th 3rd quarter specialized training. Wednesday September 23, 2020 – Ant Training – Ants are typically considered only useful in base building.  While bases, when used properly can provide the NC with certain strategic advantages, Battle Ants are deadly armor pieces on the battlefield.  Please Join Armor Company to learn how a bug can turn the tables and become the squashee, instead of the squashed.
Air Cav Training on Mondays, Armor Training on Wednesdays, Infantry Training on Fridays All at 8pm EST followed by 2 hours of intense Op’s from 9pm to 11pm EST.

RECRUITMENT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ALL HOURS OF GAME PLAY! — PM GDawg71 or post on the forums for details of how you can help the recruitment effort!

Official Outfit Time

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